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Electric Radiators

Dimplex Electric Radiator

What is electric heating?

Most UK homes that don’t have a boiler and radiators have electric storage heaters. These heat up overnight using cheaper off-peak electricity, and give out the heat during the day. If you have storage heaters, you will probably have a hot water cylinder heated by one or two immersion heaters.

Electric storage heating is more common in flats, rented property, and in homes with no mains gas connection. It is one of the most expensive heating options in the UK, and it emits more carbon dioxide than most systems. It is also harder to control electric storage heaters than radiators, especially with older systems.

If you have a system like this, you may consider these energy saving improvements:

  • Install new, more controllable storage heaters.
  • Fit thermostats and controls to make your existing system more efficient.
  • Consider making insulation and draught-proofing improvements.
  • Replace your system with an efficient boiler system.

What Are the benefits of Electric Radiators?

  • High comfort though consistent ambient temperature
  • Perfect heat distribution from floor to ceiling in all areas of the room, and the moisture in the air is retained
  • Reduce electricity bills through lower consumption
  • Easy to manage with a simple remote control
  • Complete reliability for programming by time and by temperature
  • Can work standalone or as part of a full digital system, incorporating radiators, towel rails, and water heaters, all controlled with the same remote
  • Quick to install dry-system

Dimplex Electric Radiators

Storage heaters costing you a fortune?

Storage heaters are notoriously wasteful, expensive to run and inflexible. Replace them with electric radiators to enjoy efficient, comfortable heating throughout each room. Thanks to thermal liquid and clever technology in these units, they can be installed without the need for pipework. Neat and tidy.

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Installation Time

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To make sure you get the best electric radiators for your circumstances we will provide design options using equipment from Rointe.


*Only by using MCS Accredited Installers & equipment will you qualify for RHI & FiT.

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