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Loans & RHI


Installing a renewable energy system is not a decision you can make lightly. Sure, it would be ideal to contribute to the conservation of the worlds natural resources while saving money on your bills, but the initial cost can be a sticking point. Read more here.

Financial Support

There are lots of ways you could make your home warmer and more energy efficient with an interest free, unsecured loan of up to £10,000*. Read more here.

Home Renewables Loan Scheme

From 1st August 2012 the interest free loans for renewable heating systems have increased to a maximum of £10,000 under the home renewables loan scheme offered by Energy Saving Scotland. Read more here.

Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

The RHI provides financial support to non-domestic renewable heat generators and producers of biomethane. You basically get paid for generating heat energy that is used for a defined set of purposes. Read more here.

Feed in Tariffs

This is a government scheme that pays you for electricity your renewable system generates. Some people are calling it Clean Energy Cashback. If you qualify to receive the payments, you will benefit in three ways. Read more here.

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