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Introduction to Renewable Loans

Installing a renewable energy system is not a decision you can make lightly. Sure, it would be ideal to contribute to the conservation of the worlds natural resources while saving money on your bills, but the initial cost can be a sticking point.

You perhaps already have a good understanding of the outlay more than paying for itself in the long term but did you know there are various schemes to help you get started?

This section of our website will help provide information on the possible financial assistance that is available for renewable energy support.

In the UK, there is a major push towards increasing the level of heat generated from renewable energy sources. The target is that 15% of all of our energy will come from such sources by 2020 and specifically in terms of heating 12% (as opposed to 1% today) will be fuelled entirely by renewable sources.

This will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in the renewable industries in the current decade.

For this to happen, the government needs your support. So, two schemes are being put in place to encourage the installation of renewable technologies. The clue is in the title for the RHI. That’s for heat generation. The FIT scheme is for electricity generation.

Please note that the RHI is still not available for domestic properties.

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